Tax Free Bonds

Tax free bonds are issued by fully owned government enterprises to raise funds for infrastructure and housing. These bonds have a complete tax exemption on interest income. They deliver superior post tax returns as compared to fixed deposits.


Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds are issued by large organizations to raise funds for projects. Bonds of large and stable organizations offer very high safety and are a very attractive alternative to traditional fixed deposits.

Government Bonds

The Government of India raises debt to fund the nations economic progress. They are available for tenure as short as 3 months to as long as 10 years. They are very safe as they are backed by the government.


Sovereign Gold Bonds

Sovereign Gold Bonds are issued and backed by the government of India. They pay a 2.5 % interest and pay back the price of gold at maturity. This is the most economic way of buying gold as there is no slippage or transaction cost and is incentivised by extra interest income

Structured Products

Structured products offer 8-9% return with 1-2 year maturity. These products are backed by gold loans or housing loans and issued by premier institutions such as Muthoot Finance or HDFC Limited. You can get these products exclusively on our platform!


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Bonds are like fixed deposits, they generate higher regular income than fixed deposits and provide higher safety than equity. Find out more about how bonds work and the benefits of fixed income.

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