Government Bonds

The Government of India raises debt to fund the nations economic progress. They are available for tenure as short as 3 months to as long as 10 years. They are very safe as they are backed by the government.

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Buy bonds issued by Government of India and directly invest in your country's economic progress!
Yields of 3% for bonds maturing in 3 months to 6% for longer maturities
Bonds carry no risk as they are fully backed by Government of India
* Yields are subject to market interest rates and are correlated with the policy rates set by RBI. Percentages quoted above are not guaranteed and may differ at the time of actual purchase. However, the yield is locked in once the transaction is completed.
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Comparison With Fixed Deposits

Government BondsFixed Deposits
Returns~3-6% p.a.~5.5% p.a.
Liquidity before maturityVery liquid, no penalty but subject to market ratesAvailable but with penalty
RiskSafest Investment OptionLow
TaxationNo TDS on interest. No tax on maturity proceedsTDS deducted on interest
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